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  • Josiah Hart

3 Areas Homeowners Often Neglect

Life builds up quickly and home maintenance is a chore. Here are three areas of your home that most people forget needs cleaning!

Number 1: Gutters!

Your gutters and downspouts need cleaning twice a year. Leaves, debris, dirt, and asphalt tile shedding can quickly render your gutters helpless against storms and sudden downpours. Cleaning your gutters twice a year reduces weight and stops them from pulling down your fascia boards (which can be a disaster) and means that they function correctly and direct water away from your home: keeping your foundation safe for years to come!

Gutter cleaning can also prevent water ingress under your shingles as full gutters leave your soffits to fight against mold, mildew, and prolonged water exposure which can cause premature deterioration of your home.

Number 2: Window Tracks!

When was the last time you had your window tracks cleaned? For most home owners, the answer lies somewhere between two years and never! We recommend having your tracks cleaned once annually. Doing so will rid you of the creepy crawlies, algae, lawn clippings, and mold that try to get into your home through your windows. Bugs seek heat when the weather gets colder and try to enter your house through windows but ofter get stuck in the sills and tracks. Add to that the annual spring lady bug invasion and most home owners' tracks get grimy on an annual basis as a result.

Number 3: Soffits and Fascia Boards!

Soffits are the area under your roof overhang and right above your top story windows. They push rain water away from the side of your house and the foundation and provide slight sun protection during the middle of the day. As a result of the shaded area they create, soffits are often coated in a thick layer of black mold which can cause premature deterioration of your soffits and fascia boards in addition to being an eyesore. We recommend a semi annual soft wash to keep the mold at bay and keep your soffits looking nice and bright!

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