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  • Josiah Hart

5 Things Your Window Cleaner Wants You To Know

When you've been cleaning windows for as long as we have, you'll have seen a thing or two about window cleaning. Here are five secrets of the industry that we'd like you to know!

Man in grey uniform cleaning exterior window

  1. Double paned windows fog permanently over time We strive for perfection, so it's unfortunate when a window doesn't come crystal clear after we clean it. Although double paned windows are phenomenal when it comes to energy efficiency, they will eventually fail. When this happens, the seal that closes the gap between the dual panes develops a small leak and over time the inert gas that was inside leaks out and allows water vapor and condensation inside: resulting in a foggy effect on your window. Some contractors offer to fix this by drilling through the seal, clearing out the space between the panes, and re sealing the windows; but these fixes are temporary and will never hold up for as long as the original window did. Our recommendation? Have your windows cleaned once per year to reduce the effects of the thermal expansion cycle that causes your window's seals to fail early.

  2. Hard water stains are likely without regular window cleaning Ever seen white streaks on windows? Or maybe small chalky marks shaped like water drops? These are hard water stains and they're caused by repeated exposure to water with high mineral content. This can include anything from sprinklers, to rain runoff on windows under sandstone or brick ledges. If left for long periods of time, these stains can become extremely difficult to remove from windows on your own. We can remove these stains using specialized chemicals and light abrasives, but doing so can be costly. The best course of action is to have your windows cleaned professionally at least once per year.

  3. Tipping is appreciate but not at all expected It seems like tipping culture in America has gotten out of hand lately. We feel it too. From fast food to retail to every service business under the sun, everyone seems to be asking for tips. As your window cleaner, we want you to know that although appreciated, tipping is 100% optional in the window cleaning industry. At Quality Care Exterior Solutions we do a fantastic job every time. An insider secret, if you want to show appreciation to our employees for a job well done, leave us a review! They'll get a nice bonus as a result!

  4. We can clean your 4 story home without ladders Say what?! That's right! Our specialized systems allow us to clean up to 60 feet in the air with flawless results, all from the ground! We use specialized pumps, scrubbers, and carbon fiber poles to extend our reach far beyond what would be traditionally possible with a ladder, and we've tested our systems extensively to ensure quality every time! Even better, every service is backed by our 7 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can rest easy knowing we stand behind our work.

  5. Your windows may still be wet after exterior window cleaning Our systems are new technology that uses 0TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water to clean windows. We purify the water on site using a 5 stage process, then use it to clean your windows along with a scrub brush and carbon fiber pole. Your windows may still be wet after the cleaning process has concluded, but you can rest assured that they'll dry 100% streak and spot free every time. The secret is the filtered water which has no contaminants in it to leave behind any marks on your freshly cleaned windows.

These are the top 5 questions we've run in to over years of window cleaning. We know it's not an exhaustive list, so please feel free to reach out to with any additional questions. We're always happy to chat!


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