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  • Josiah Hart

How to Clean Your Own Windows At Home

The majority of store-bought glass cleaners today are ammonia based. Ammonia evaporates quickly which means that window cleaning can be a pain as dirt ends up being dissolved and then redeposited on your windows as the cleaner evaporates out. At Quality Care Exterior Solutions, we believe in clean windows for everyone. Here’s how you can clean your windows for yourself (along with some trade secrets from the professionals)!

We recommend applying a solution, agitating to lift and trap dirt, and then removing the solution and the dirt with it. As a professional window cleaning company, we use specialized applicators and scrubbers for application and squeegees to remove the dirty solution. For window cleaning at home, you can create your own solution and clean with microfiber or cotton cloths instead!

To make your own eco friendly window cleaning solution, follow the steps below. You’ll need:

1. A gallon of water

2. A tablespoon of dishwashing liquid

3. Two tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle, or fill an open top bucket. You’ll need your solution and several dry microfibers or cotton towels. To begin cleaning:

  1. Soak the window with solution

  2. Scrub viciously

  3. Use your wet rag to move the dirt to the bottom or side of the window

  4. Try to remove as much solution as possible using the wet microfiber

  5. Use a new dry microfiber to remove the residue and buff your window clean!

If you have water spotting, stains, dog slobber, or other heavy residue on the glass, you may have to clean your window multiple times. For extra heavy stains, use a handful of fine steel wool and create a new solution with a gallon of water, and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid. Dip the steel wool in the solution and give the window a good scrub to break down the contaminants, then follow with the window cleaning process above.

These processes are safe to use on bathroom mirrors, glass coffee tables, glass cooktops and many more surfaces around your home. Feel free to leave any window cleaning questions you have in the comments below! Our staff will get back to you ASAP with professional grade answers.


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