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  • Josiah Hart

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure water window cleaning is the latest technology in window cleaning! Instead of using streaking cleaning solutions, pure water window cleaning allows us to use a variety of advanced brush head mediums and pure water to clean your windows, which has a variety of benefits.

To keep a long story short, pure water systems allow us to hook to on site water, and filter it down to 100% pure lab grade water. This means that when we clean your windows, there is absolutely no chance of property damage or killing plants, and that your windows will always dry streak free. It may sound straight forward but our complete systems typically cost $3,000 or more, and are comprised of several filtration systems which require weekly maintenance.

As a more in depth look, typical tap water purity can be measured in its mineral content by using a standard called TDS, which stands for "Total Dissolved Solids". Most homes have a TDS reading of around 350 parts per million; the higher your TDS reading, the more likely windows cleaned with this water would produce spots and streaks. Water can streak and spot with a TDS count as low as 2 PPM, so in order to ensure perfect results every time, we use a three stage filtration system.

Our systems begin by running your water through a carbon filter, and a reverse osmosis system, then finally a DI resin filter cartridge to complete the filtration process before the water is brought through a lightweight hosing system, through a carbon fiber pole, and finally distributed on your window using engineered spray patterns to rinse away the dirt lifted by our pure water system brushes. All of these are proven technologies with carbon filters being found in nearly every residential refrigerator, larger scale reverse osmosis systems being used to purify bottled water sold in stores, and also to create drinkable water from salt water on sailing vessels.

Aside from the technical aspects, pure water cleaning also means our techs can effectively and perfectly clean windows from the ground: providing you with privacy on upper level windows, and keeping our techs and everyone nearby safe from fall risks, ladders, and other hazards that come with elevated equipment.

Additionally, all of our brush heads are specifically engineered to be aggressive on dirt and grime while having a low pressure per square inch as compared to a traditional scrubber and squeegee. This combined with the fact that pure water window cleaning is a one step process ensures that your windows will never be scratched or damaged by our pure water systems.


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